Sand Eliminator has vast range of applications from a house to industries.

HVAC-Heat Transfer

Sand Eliminator helps in removing suspended particles from cooling water thus helping maintain design efficiencies and extending the life of cooling towers, heat exchangers, chillers, and evaporative condensers.


Industrial Sand Eliminators are specifically designed to remove the solids from the fluid stream and safely purge them to another location and helps in increasing process efficiency and reduces maintenance costs.


For sand in ground water that is causing damage to your submersible or turbine pump, we offer effective water filtration with low flow pump protection sand eliminator and high flow pump sand eliminator.


For irrigation and other agricultural sand problems, including drip, sprinkler, and flood irrigation, we have our sand eliminator.

Municipal Waterworks

Sand Eliminators remove troublesome sand from pump discharge to protect water meters, water treatment systems and downstream processes from particle clogging & abrasive wear.


Sand Eliminator is uniquely designed to remove unwanted sand from our residential water supply. The system can be installed for an automated purge of sand and provide maintenance-free operation.


Low Pressure Drop

No Moving Parts

Continuous Filtering

No Filter Media

Environmental Friendly

Easy Installation

Low Maintenance Cost

High Efficiency

Closed System

Automatic Purging Possible

About Us

WTF Engineering Pvt. Ltd. is a company being promoted by an young engineer Prakhar Bindal aged 26 years who has done his Bachelors and Masters in Mechanical Engineering from US Universities. Mr. Prakhar Bindal is in Job in USA and has been greatly inspired by PM Modi Vision and specially Start-Up India Support Programme. He has resigned from his job and returning back to India to run his own manufacturing business.

India Growth rate of GDP, improvement in "Ease of Doing Business", Improvement in various Global Business rankings has greatly improved his confidence to come back to India and Generate employment for his country men.

Prakhar Bindal has signed a Transfer of Technology Sharing and Buy Back Agreement with a company M/S ECE based at Netherlands (Netherlands is Start-Up India partner country of Govt of India). The Netherlands Company M/S ECE has agreed to provide all kind of technical support and guidance to M/S WTF. Another Technology Sharing agreement is with M/S Trozan Dry Out Systems for manufacturing of Transformer Dry Out Systems.

  • Water, Oil Gas and All types of liquid Filtration, Purification and separation technologies and equipment's.
  • Waste management and waste to Energy Technologies.
  • Development of new products and Technologies Under MAKE IN INDIA policy of Govt of India.
  • Various energy saving devices and Technologies.
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      We play a key role in:

    • Improving water quality to specified TSS and micron rating
    • Reducing frequency of filter changes and maintenance
    • Maintaining equipment and process design efficiency

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